Spice up Your Navigation with Modern TabList Control

Another post about how to improve the looks of any given app! We’re used to have buttons for the navigation, this is the classic way of doing things and it works very well of course. But when Microsoft released new modern controls, the TabList control is pretty awesome to create our navigation 😁 Connect the TabList control When you add the TabList control, you can connect to a data source, or you can insert the values directly into the Items property of that control.

Create a pills-like effect in Power Apps galleries from multiple SharePoint lists

Today, we’ll create something visually useful for our galleries 😁 How about “something” that would make us recognize what type of training we’re looking at, quickly, and at a glance? Sounds great BUT we may have a couple of possible scenarios depending on how our source data is structured. Let me explain. Scenario 1 Let’s imagine our company built an Power Apps app for users to browse trainings available and we display the catalogue over a gallery.

My 8 Favorite Actions In Power Automate Desktop

In this article, I’d like to share the top 8 actions that I find the most useful in Power Automate Desktop (PAD). Those actions are based on my experience of course, so maybe yours are different 😉 If you have legacy applications with no API, complex processes using desktop apps, or want to get elements from a web page, then Power Automate Desktop does a fantastic job in all of that plus more!

How to protect your App Secrets in Power Automate Desktop

Securing any type of credentials, anywhere, is very important. Simply imagine testing a flow with someone looking over your shoulder? What about running that flow and see in plain text the content of the variable? Would you be happy if your API Key was accidentally visible? No. In this blog post, we’ll see how we can protect our app secrets when building a Power Automate Desktop flow, and which one is better.

Add Teams Owners and Members with Power Automate OR Power Automate Desktop!

Today we’ll learn how we can add Microsoft Teams owners & members from a spreadhseet hosted in SharePoint using not only Power Automate (cloud) but also using Power Automate Desktop! Two posts for the price of one 😁 Common Artefacts For both scenarios, we’ll use a spreadsheet called “New Joiners.xlsx” from SharePoint. This excel file contains 2 tabs: PA –> data for our cloud flow PAD –> data for our desktop flow Both are transformed into a Table in the Excel file Cloud Flow (Power Automate) Ideally, you’d want to probably have a automated or scheduled trigger.

Say NO to creating the same SharePoint item TWICE with PowerApps

One thing that is pretty nice in SharePoint is that, you cannot have a file with the same name in the same location (library). Unless it has a different extension: For example, sample.docx and sample.pdf can coexist in SharePoint. But you cannot have twice sample.pdf. However, you can have the same ITEM name in a SharePoint list! Wouldn’t it be useful to not have “duplicates” in a SharePoint list when submitting data from PowerApps?

5 things to think about FIRST for better apps

Sometimes we’re so excited to be building something new that we open PowerApps Studio, and start dropping buttons, labels, comboboxes, forms, etc… But then, we find ourselves in tricky situations when we need to move elements, the theme is not correct and we need to amend each control, more fields need to be added on the screen but we’ve got no more space, or worse… the data should have been in Dataverse and not SharePoint!

Avoid special characters in Text Input in PowerApps

Today’s post is about something many app makers are trying to prevent users from doing when not necessary. And that is, adding special characters in text inputs, especially when a Power Automate flow is involved in the background! 😁 Personally, I’d rather stop the issue at the source (PowerApps) than messing around with the flow(s). So, if you know that special characters are not needed, this post is for you!