Add Visio Pro to an Office 365 tenant


Adding Visio Pro Online to an Office 365 tenant is done the same way as it is for Project Pro Online. So we are going to follow the same process, which is (again) pretty straight forward.

If you don’t know which Visio Online flavor you need, the Compare Visio Options page will help you decide.

Connect to Office 365

We will connect to the tenant first. Open your favourite browser, go to and log in!

Add Visio Pro Online

For this demo, we will choose to add Visio Online – Plan 2. Just choose your version if you wish, and the process should remain the same (if there’s a trial version)

As we were connected to our Office 365 tenant, we’re presented with the option to add Visio to our account.


Confirm the order by clicking on Try now and get the recept for it!


Back to the Office 365 Admin page, navigate to Billing (left panel) –> Subscriptions, and Visio is now added to our Office 365 subscription: