Share documents with OneDrive For Business


OneDrive for Business is your personal storage in Office 365 and also available in SharePoint on-premises.

When enabled, OneDrive for Business is actually a site collection within SharePoint, and a great way to share documents and collaborate between colleagues without sending large emails! Microsoft offers OneDrive for Business (online), but also (if your company allows it) a Sync Client if you wish to sync your documents locally.

In this blog post, we are going to use OneDrive for Business with Office 365, and share documents with the online version.

Share documents from your OneDrive For Business

Log into the Office 365 portal ( with your work or school account, and click on the “OneDrive” tile. Once you see all your documents, click on the ellipses (…) and then Share.


Click on “Anyone with the link can edit” at the top to choose the permissions, and with whom you wish to share this document.


For this example, I’ll choose “Specific People” and keep the Allow editing check box selected. Then click on Apply Enter a name (or names) to share this document with, and click on Send.


View the shared document

Now, from the recipient perspective, the user will see the document in his/her OneDrive for Business under Shared on the left pane.

The person who shared the document(s) can also see what he/she shared under the section “Shared by me” at the top. Select the document –> click on the information logo (little “i” circled at the top right corner) –> click on the Manage access link:


So there you have it, like mentioned at the beginning, sharing with OneDrive for Business is way more effective than sending large files via emails!