Changing Teams privacy settings from Private to Public. What to expect?


When creating a Microsoft Teams team, you can choose Private, Public, or even Org-wide. For the purpose of this blog post, we’re going to talk about Private and Public teams.

Create a Private Team

So, I create a Teams, set it up as Private, and add only one member.

As we know, when creating a Microsoft Teams, a SharePoint site is automatically created as well, and the membership should reflect what’s in Teams. Meaning nobody else than those 2 users can access the Team, nor the SharePoint site.


Changing from Private to Public

Now let’s change our team’s privacy setting to make it Public… Navigate to your targeted Team –> ellipses –> “Edit team”


Did anything change?

At first glance, not really. But if we dig a bit deeper into the SharePoint site permissions, we now have an added entry for Everyone except external users!


If a user with the appropriate license(s), knows the URL of the SharePoint site or the Teams, then he/she can access the resources & documents.

So be careful when changing the Teams privacy settings, because Public means Public!