Who viewed my files? Show number of views and viewers names in SharePoint Online


Did you know you can enable a minimum of statistics on your SharePoint files? No? Well… Keep reading to know how! This is a short post – straight to the point!

Basic statistics

By default, when you hover over a file in a document library, you can see the following:


Doesn’t seem to be giving much, but maybe for some users that’s enough. Note that even users in the Visitors group will have the same experience. But out of curiosity, most people really want to know who seen their files 😉

More statistics

By enabling one feature in SharePoint Online, we can have a bit more insights on who had seen files. Assuming you have the correct permissions (Site Owner), you can navigate to Site Settings –> Manage Site Features (under Site Actions), and enable the SharePoint Viewers feature.


After enabling this feature, hover over the file, and this is what we get:  


Short and sweet!