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Configure branding for Office 365 landing page

Instead of the default landing page for users when they login, you can customize a little bit to reflect your...


Assign licences in Office 365 using the Group-Based Licensing feature

Group-based licensing for security groups in Office 365. This is something that will reduce clicking, scripting, and admin burden overall. If...


Become a TechSnips Contributor!

My name is Adam Bertram and Veronique has so graciously allowed me to guest post on her blog about a...


Add PowerBI Pro to an Office 365 tenant

PowerBI itself comes into multiple flavors, and also carrying a few types of configuration along with it. Especially with Office...


Add Visio Pro Online to an Office 365 tenant

Adding Visio Pro Online to an Office 365 tenant is done the same way as it is for Project Pro...


Add Project Pro Online to an Office 365 tenant

First blog post of the new Extras category! And we’ll talk about Project Pro Online, and how to add /...