Configure branding for Office 365 landing page

Instead of the default landing page for users when they login, you can customize a little bit to reflect your brand.

You can do this through Azure Active Directory to offer a better sign-in experience.
In this short post, we’ll have a look at how we can achieve that in just a few clicks.


Minimum licensing requirements:

  • Azure AD Premium 1 or,
  • Azure AD Premium 2 or,
  • Basic Editions or,
  • Office 365


Configure branding in the Azure Active Directory portal

First things first, let’s connect to the Azure AD portal (directly or via the Office 365 Azure AD admin center)
Once connected, click on Azure Active Directory >> Company Branding >> Configure.


Configure Company Branding


You’ll get a few fields to fill with regards to your customization. Once done, click on “Save” at the top.


Fill fields for the configuration


You will see a small notification on the top right corner of the page…





What will users see?

Login in with a user account this is what users will be presented with 😋 (depending on your own customization and what you filled)

Note the background image + the customized Sign-In page text


Branding applied


ℹ️ The most frustrating part might be the size for the images. But if you can pass that, it’s a great, simple, and quick way to apply a bit of your company!


2 Responses to “Configure branding for Office 365 landing page

  • Great Article! Thank you for the info. I was wondering if you guys know if the branding for the 365 landing page can be done with PowerShell?

    • Veronique Lengelle
      3 years ago

      Hi Paul,
      I don’t think so. To be honest, I never heard of the branding for the landing page with PS.

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