Add PowerBI Pro to an Office 365 tenant

PowerBI itself comes into multiple flavors, and also carrying a few types of configuration along with it. Especially with Office 365.

In this blog post, we’ll look at adding (linking) PowerBI Pro to an Office 365 tenant, but we should also go through a bit of description.



PowerBI flavors

As mentioned previously, PowerBI options and features vary depending on the version we choose.
PowerBI free (sign up at the top right of the page), PowerBI Pro (try free at the bottom of the page), and PowerBI Premium are the most popular from my experience, but we also have other version which are listed here under Products.

Microsoft also offers a free version of PowerBI Desktop for those more at ease using desktop apps.

For features comparison, go the PowerBI free vs. PowerBI Pro page.


IMPORTANT: PowerBI is also offered as a free service, and will let your users sign up by themselves. This is called the “Self-service sign up“.
It’s important for Governance to decide if your organisation needs to block access… Something to think about carefully!


Connect to Office 365

Now let’s get started on how to add this service to our Office 365 subscription!

First thing we should do in order to go faster, is to log into our Office 365 tenant.
Open your browser, and log in to your tenant.


Add PowerBI Pro

On another tab, navigate to PowerBI Pro subscription trial.

Because we are already signed in, we can add the service to our account.


PowerBI Pro Trial


Confirm the order by clicking on “Try now


Confirm PBI order


And get the receipt for it 🙂


PBI receipt



Verify that PowerBI Pro is added

Navigate to Billing >> Subscriptions, and tada!


PowerBI Pro added to O365



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