Add Project Pro Online to an Office 365 tenant

First blog post of the new Extras category!

And we’ll talk about Project Pro Online, and how to add / link it to your Office 365 tenant.
The process is pretty straight forward, and we’ll see how easy it is šŸ™‚


Connect to the Office 365 tenant

The easiest way, is to connect to your tenant, so when we decide to link Project Online, it’ll take this information.
So go ahead, open your favourite browser, and log in.


Add Project Pro Online

Now, open a new tab in your browser, and navigate to the Project Pro plans and pricing page, and click on “Buy Now” or “Try Now“.
This is up to your organisation to try it before (1 month trial), or buy it straight away.

For the purpose of this demo, we’ll choose “Try now“.


Project Pro Online pricing page


Below is the reason why we connected to our Office 365 tenant first! šŸ™‚

  • Choose “Yes, add it to my current account

Add to account


The checkout will give a little recap (1 month trial with 25 licences), and we just need to confirm the action by clicking on “Try now


Confirm the order


And lastly, the receipt šŸ™‚
Simply click on “Continue





Verify Project Pro Online is added

After clicking on “continue”, we are redirected to our Office 365 tenant, where we can check the new Project Pro Online subscription has been added.

  • Click on “Billing(left panel)
  • Then “Subscriptions

And here we have it!


Project Pro Online added


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