Create a Site Collection in SharePoint Online (SPO)

The creation of Site Collections in SharePoint Online (SPO) are a little bit different than SharePoint Server.
There’s no access to SharePoint Central Admin (CA), nor to the Web Applications.

However, the SPO interface is pretty straight forward for creating Site Collections (at the time of writing: Dec. 2017).

Minimum requirements:

  • SharePoint Online Admin credentials
  • Site Collection Admin credentials (for testing purposes)


Before reaching the Site Collections page, we need to log on to Office 365.
So we have 2 ways to do just that:

  • Go through the O365 Admin Center > SPO Admin Center
  • Paste the URL directly into the browser https://<your_tenant_name> (still need to login)

Once on the page, you will be presented with a list of all the site collections already created (by default or not)


Create the Site Collection

  • Click on “New” in the ribbon >> Then “Private Site Collection



Then, the process is rather similar to SharePoint Server on-prem.

  • Give a Title
  • Choose the URL (the only managed paths in SPO are /sites or /teams)
  • Select the language + the template for the Site Collection
  • Select your time zone
  • Choose a Site Collection Admin 
  • Choose Server Resource Quota (limit calculated by SPO for its daily resources – default is 300)


When finished, click on “OK

After a few minutes, the new Site Collection is ready to go!



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