Excel Web Access webpart in SharePoint Online

In this blog post, we will display a Example of Budget in SharePoint Online using the Excel Web Access webpart.


Upload Example of Budget into a SharePoint library

I have uploaded an Example of Budget (excel template), and uploaded it into my “Documents” library.



Edit a SharePoint page to place the webpart

Let’s start by editing a SharePoint page where we will display the workbook.

  • Navigate to your site
  • Click on the gear icon >> Edit page (or simply click the ribbon > “Page” tab> “Edit”)

Edit the page


Insert Excel Web Access webpart

On this page, where the cursor is, click on the “Insert” tab in the ribbon, then “Webpart


Insert a Webpart

Under Business Data, choose “Excel Web Access” and click “Add


Excel Web Access webpart

When the webpart displays, click on the link saying “Click here to open the pane tool


Click link on webpart

The panel opens on the right side.
It’s now time to configure the webpart, and link it to our Example of Budget.

  • Under Workbook, click on the ellipses (3 dots)
  • Browse to the location of your workbook (Example of Budget)
  • Click “Insert” at the bottom of the window

Browse to the workbook

Then configure the rest as you require (i.e.: Title, user interactivity, etc…), and click on “OK


The Excel Web Access webpart is now displaying the workbook!


Workbook displayed

Save the page, and… voilà!



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