Create the ContentType Hub in SharePoint Server (GUI & PowerShell)

Today’s post will be a bit long. But at the end, you’ll understand what is the Content Type Hub, its purpose, and how to create it in 2 different ways! Content what? In order to understand the purpose of the Content Type Hub, we first need to understand Content Types. This is a rather confusing topic for many of us, but content types are used to provide more information about an object/item, and allow us to associate some actions with that content type (i.

List columns or Site columns in SharePoint?

We have two (2) types of columns in SharePoint: List Columns Site Columns One is created at the List/Library level (list columns), and the other one at the Site level (site columns). From a functionality perspective, they do the exact same thing. From a “re-usability” perspective… not so much… The only difference between the two, Site Columns are “shared” between sites, but only hierarchically. See that as crescendo 🙂