Check if SharePoint site is connected to a Microsoft Teams with PowerShell

First post of 2021, and in this brief post, we’re going to see how we can check if our SharePoint Online sites have a Microsoft Teams team associated to it. Why is it brief? Because PowerShell PnP is making it very easy! 🤩 From now on, we’re also going to focus on the new PnP PowerShell module available for PowerShell Core. This is the module we’re familiar with, but available on Windows, MacOS, or Linux!

Getting started with PnP PowerShell on PowerShell Core

Hello there! I have created a new video on my Youtube channel to help you getting started with PnP PowerShell on PowerShell Core. If you’re used to take advantage of the amazing SharePoint PnP module, this is very important because things are going to change in a couple of months! As PowerShell Core is the future (use PowerShell on Windows, MacOS, and Linux), you need to be prepared. Therefore, in this video, we’ll start from scratch:

Change specific users OneDrive For Business quotas using PowerShell

It may be useful to allocate specific users with specific OneDrive for Business storage quotas. But we may be faced with some challenges trying to achieve that… In this blog post, we’ll use a .csv file containing the users we wish to change the quota for, as well as adding some error handling to our script to manage the outcomes 🧐 And to top it off, we’ll export the “users not found” so you’re not in the dark when closing your PowerShell console!

Create folders with months names in SharePoint using PowerShell

Hello there! Today’s post will help you create a folder structure in SharePoint Online organized by month’s name! You’ll see that with just a few lines of PowerShell, your folders will be created in seconds without hard-coding the names 😏 PowerShell Core The scripts also works with PowerShell Core. Create a script As we have only a few lines of code, we can go down the route of creating a very small PowerShell script.

Microsoft Teams: What happens when...

Here is a post I wrote for the Microsoft ITOps Talk Blog. It’s a bit different than the usual, but I wanted to share a few findings that may help you in case you were wondering too! Top 10 Things to Look Out For When Using Microsoft Teams Use of Microsoft Teams has increased greatly as of late with many of us now working from home. I have recently received a lot of questions in terms of how to complete specific tasks in Microsoft Teams amidst my friends and colleagues and thought it might be of value to share with all of you as well.

Managing SharePoint Online Security: A Team Effort

✨ Here’s my 6th article for the Microsoft 365 Community Docs! ✨ Security has always been an important topic, and even more nowadays. We want our users to securely access the environment, share files, and our IT team to sleep at night don’t we? In this article, we’ll look at the most important settings in Microsoft 365 to help you secure your SharePoint Online environment, and see how it involves more than SharePoint administrators!

Get a list of folders created in SharePoint per month using PowerShell

Oh no! We’re talking about folders again… Yes we are! But this time, we’ll get some insights as to when they’ve been created, by whom, and adding a little experiment at the end 😇 Let’s get right into it. The scenario Let’s imagine that our organization wants users to refrain from creating folders in libraries. We’d like to see how many folders have been created in a site, by whom and more particularly, run some statistics at the end to (maybe) analyse the data we just extracted from SharePoint.

Why SharePoint Training Is Important

From my experience, SharePoint training is (very) often neglected. We think it’s going to be “OK” and users will learn on the go, or organisations simply don’t know what is SharePoint. So in case you haven’t seen it, this is an article I wrote for the Microsoft 365 Community Docs, where I also give you some topics to get you started for your SharePoint training! Share what? Yes… We hear that often.