Managing SharePoint Online Security: A Team Effort

✨ Here’s my 6th article for the Microsoft 365 Community Docs! ✨ Security has always been an important topic, and even more nowadays. We want our users to securely access the environment, share files, and our IT team to sleep at night don’t we? In this article, we’ll look at the most important settings in Microsoft 365 to help you secure your SharePoint Online environment, and see how it involves more than SharePoint administrators!

Get a list of folders created in SharePoint per month using PowerShell

Oh no! We’re talking about folders again… Yes we are! But this time, we’ll get some insights as to when they’ve been created, by whom, and adding a little experiment at the end 😇 Let’s get right into it. The scenario Let’s imagine that our organization wants users to refrain from creating folders in libraries. We’d like to see how many folders have been created in a site, by whom and more particularly, run some statistics at the end to (maybe) analyse the data we just extracted from SharePoint.

Why SharePoint Training Is Important

From my experience, SharePoint training is (very) often neglected. We think it’s going to be “OK” and users will learn on the go, or organisations simply don’t know what is SharePoint. So in case you haven’t seen it, this is an article I wrote for the Microsoft 365 Community Docs, where I also give you some topics to get you started for your SharePoint training! Share what? Yes… We hear that often.

Should I Store My Files in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint? An Understanding of Behind The Scenes

Hello friends! I wanted to share another article I wrote for the Microsoft 365 Community Docs. This question is still confusing for most customers when they are new to the platform, so I thought it needed a little bit of clarity. To use a product efficiently, it’s important to understand a minimum about it. What it does, what can you do with it, what are the limitations, etc. Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork.

Who viewed my files? Show number of views and viewers names in SharePoint Online

Did you know you can enable a minimum of statistics on your SharePoint files? No? Well… Keep reading to know how! This is a short post – straight to the point! Basic statistics By default, when you hover over a file in a document library, you can see the following: Doesn’t seem to be giving much, but maybe for some users that’s enough. Note that even users in the Visitors group will have the same experience.

Get attachment names in SharePoint lists using PowerShell

Have you ever noticed that in SharePoint, when you attach files in a list item, you can add the column “Attachments” and visualize a little clip thing, but it doesn’t show the number of files nor their names? So what if you wanted to know about all the attachments in a list item? In multiple lists? Are you going to… click click click? Noooo, let’s use PnP PowerShell for that!

Change column values based on other column values using PowerShell

Today, I wanted to share something I’ve learned thanks to the PowerShell Community out there, who responded to my Tweet for Help within minutes! 👏 Scenario We have a bunch of columns in SharePoint Online, all different types, but more importantly, some are Multi-line of Text columns. This means that users can enter whatever they like: Initials, words in UPPER/lower case, insert special characters, etc… You name it, users will type it!

Find checked out files across multiple Site Collections using PowerShell

It might be another day, and you might have another requirement! In today’s blog post, we’ll have a look at we can find files that are checked out in SharePoint Online and extend the search across multiple Site Collections, multiple document libraries, using PowerShell PnP. Requirements Requirements are simple: Find all the checked out files in multiple sites, and multiple document libraries in my Office 365 tenant. Script And here we start writing down the logic 🙂