Create Calculated Columns for a List in SharePoint

In this blog post, we will put ourselves in the Power User’s shoes, and learn how to create calculated columns for a list in SharePoint.
This is also applicable to SharePoint Online, only a different interface (at the time of writing: Dec. 2017)

If you prefer to watch videos, you can browse my YouTube channel or specifically how to create calculated columns in SharePoint 2010 (same process).


Create the List

Log into your SharePoint site, and let’s create a list called “Client Orders“.


Client Orders list


Create Custom Columns

We need to create custom columns for:

  • Customer
  • Order number
  • Product
  • Order date
  • Quantity
  • Unit price
  • Total due (calculated)

You can create Site Columns (like here), or only columns for this list (in List settings >> Create column)


Navigate to Site settings >> Site columns (under Web Designer Galleries)


Click Create at the top of the page, and choose as follow for each column:

Single line of Text + YES to “Require that this column contains information

  • Client Name
  • Order number
  • Product

Date and Time + YES to “Require that this column contains information

  • Order date

Number + YES to “Require that this column contains information

  • Quantity

Currency + YES to “Require that this column contains information

  • Unit price

Calculated + YES to “Require that this column contains information” + FORMULA

  • Total due


For the last column (Total due), once you select “calculated” in the type of column, enter the formula as below, and choose “currency” for data type to return:


Quantity * Unit price = Total due


Add those new columns to the list

Now we’re going to add those newly created columns to our Client Orders list.

  • Navigate back to the Client Orders list
  • Click List in the ribbon
  • Click on List settings (right hand-side)
  • Under the section Columns, click on “Add from existing site columns

Locate the new columns, select the column, and click “Add” in the middle (or double-click the column name to add it)


Adding columns to the list


Once happy with that, click on “OK



Columns added



New columns showing in the list

You can reorder the columns the way you like by modifying the view, or under the columns section in List settings.


Add items to validate the columns

Let’s add some orders to verify everything is working correctly.

  • Click on New Item
  • Fill the required fields

Adding an new order to the list


After clicking on Save, the list is updated, and the Total Due column is performing as expected!


Total Due column adding correctly



More orders added to the list


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