Create a Site Collection in SharePoint Server

Site Collections are “containers” in the middle of a Web Application & subsites.
As an example, they are usually created to represent a Business Unit (bigger), and you create subsites for the departments (smaller).

From a SharePoint perspective, it’s important to note that:

  • a Site Collection can only reside in one content database. You cannot split the Site Collection into multiple content databases
  • a subsite can only reside in one Site Collection, but a Site Collection can host multiple subsites

This blog article focuses on SharePoint Server on-prem.
The process is a little bit different in SharePoint Online (SPO) so refer to this blog post if you wish to create SPO Site Collection.
Or you can watch my video on my YouTube channel on how to create/delete Site Collections in SharePoint 2010 (same process)


Minimum requirements:

  • Permissions to log into SharePoint Central Admin (You must be a member of the Farm Administrators SharePoint group on the computer that is running the SharePoint Central Administration website)
  • Web Application to host the Site Collection


Now, let’s jump right in!

  • Log into SharePoint Central Admin (CA)
  • Under Application Management, click Create Site Collections



  • Make sure the correct Web Application is selected (the one where you wish to create the new Site Collection)
  • Give a Title to the Site Collection (this will appear at the top of the site)
  • Give a description (optional)
  • Choose the URL for the Site Collection (If you have created different managed paths, choose from the drop down menu)
  • Choose a template



  • Select a Primary Site Collection Admin (groups are not supported)
  • Select a Secondary Site Collection Admin (groups are not supported)
  • Choose a Quota to apply (if created previously)



When all looks good, click “OK

After a few seconds, the Top Level Site is created successfully!

Log into the Site Collection with one of the Site Collection Admin credentials, and the Site Collection is ready to go!



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