Quota templates in SharePoint Server (via GUI)

If you do not want Site Collections to grow out of control, and not be manageable, this is where quota templates can help.

In this blog post, we’ll create, apply, modify, and delete quota templates for Site Collections (via GUI) in SharePoint Server.


Create quota templates via SharePoint Central Admin (GUI)

  • Log into Central Admin
  • Navigate to Application Management >> Specify quota templates

Specify Quota Templates in Central Admin

  • Choose “Create a new quota template
  • Give it a Name
  • Maximum storage for the Site Collection
  • Warning message when the storage reaches a certain point (usually 80% of max storage is fine)
  • And also maximum usage limit for Sandbox solutions if you wish

Configure new quota template in CA

If you wish to receive a warning email message, you must have configured the Outgoing emails settings in SharePoint.

When done, click on “OK

Go back to “Specify quota templates” and verify your new template is available.


New quota template created



Apply quota templates to Site Collections (GUI)

If you create a new Site Collection, you can apply any of the available quota templates directly.

  • Under Application Management >> Create Site Collections
  • Fill the necessary as usual
  • Choose from the available quota templates at the bottom of the page
  • Click OK

Choose from the available quota templates


*** To verify the quota template has been applied to the Site Collection: ***

  • Log into the Site Collection
  • Gear icon >> Site Settings
  • Under Site Collection Administration >> Click “Storage Metrics

Quota template applied to the site collection



Modify existing quota templates (GUI)

If you modify the values of an existing quota template (which is already applied to site collections), those modifications will not be applied automatically to all the site collections using this template. It will be a manual process.

  • Log into Central Admin
  • Navigate to Application Management >> Specify quota templates
  • Select “Edit an existing template
  • Choose the template to edit
  • Make the necessary modifications (i.e.: Increase/decrease the storage limit)

Modify quota templates

Then, click on “OK



Change quota template for a Site Collection (GUI)

Let’s imagine that your Site Collection requires more storage, then that’s when you would want to applied another quota template.

This is the preferred method, as the values on the newly chosen quota template will automatically be applied to the Site Collection.

  • Log into Central Admin
  • Navigate to Application Management >>Configure quotas and locks”
  • Make sure you are on the correct site collection (top of the page)
  • From the drop down menu >> Select another template
  • Click “OK

Another template (10GB) assigned to the site collection

Go back to the Storage Metrics on the site collection, and it’s now changed automatically!


Storage now changed to 10GB automatically!



Delete a quota template (GUI)

This procedure is pretty straight forward to be honest.

  • Log into Central Admin
  • Navigate to Application Management >> Specify quota templates
  • Select Edit quota template
  • Choose the template to remove
  • Click “Delete” at the bottom of the page

Delete a quota template


That’s it!


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