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Remove “Sync” button from SharePoint Sites

Sometimes companies do not want users to be able to sync libraries from a site down to their computer, or even their own documents from OneDrive.

In this short blog post, we are going to remove the “sync” button from being visible to users.
This is applicable to SharePoint Server 2013/2016, as well as SharePoint Online.


Remove the “Sync” button from a SharePoint site

  • Log into your SharePoint site
  • Click on the gear icon >> Site settings
Site settings
  • Under Search, click on “Search and offline availability
Search and Offline availability


  • Under the Offline Client Availability section, choose “No” for allow items from this site to be downloaded to offline clients.
  • Click “OK
Disable offline availability



Go back to the document library, and verify the sync button is:

  • Greyed out in SharePoint Server
  • Disappeared in SharePoint Online
Sync button disabled in SharePoint Server
No Sync button in SharePoint Online


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