Retrieve Site Policies in SharePoint Online using PowerShell PnP

Site Policies in SharePoint can be used to have a better governance as the platform is growing. Storage is expensive,...


Create a SharePoint Taxonomy using PowerShell PnP and XML file

Today is all about SharePoint taxonomy with PowerShell PnP! In a nutshell, taxonomy is a hierarchical group of term sets...


Retrieve all subsites and sub-subsites in SharePoint Online using PowerShell PnP

Short blog post for today is about getting all your subsites & sub-subsites for a specific Site Collection within your...


Create Libraries/Folders/Documents in SharePoint Online using PowerShell PnP

Today, we’ll look at creating documents libraries & folders, then upload documents into those folders using PowerShell PnP. For more...


Create and assign Content Types to Libraries using PowerShell PnP

The way you use PowerShell for SharePoint Online (SPO) is a bit different than with SharePoint Server. You don’t have...

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